Our People

The team at Pedal Project are all passionate people that love riding bikes from tour riding, enduro racing, triathlon, cyclo cross to just crusing around. Between them all they have prteyy much done it and with a load of experience and knowledge there is very rearly something they can not share with you.

Our aim is to look after you the best why possible and treat you professionally. 



Shane has been in the Cycle industry for a number of years starting off building bikes, then fixing bikes to selling bikes from a young age. Shane has been riding and racing bikes from when he was a young school boy and did very well and still does.

Moving from Rotorua where he grow up, he was offered a position to work at Penny Farthing Cycles which he then ended up owning and did very well. From there he moved into the role of sales rep, a nice change up and a break from the retail game and being a business owner.

This lasted a number of years before being asked to help build the Wellington store (kiwivelo wellington). After a short period he was offered to buy the store and did so. During that time he broke away from the kiwivelo branding and changed to now what we are call as Pedal Project Wellington. This is fully local owned and operated now by Shane and Rachael whom is also a keen cyclist/triathlete.