Disc Road Bikes

Over the years, Disc brakes have been making their way onto road styled bikes and onto the sales floor at Kiwivelo Wellington. We have already seen them be successful on Cyclocross bikes and proving their worth on the new Adventure bike category, but we are starting to see them on Road bikes. For example, Focus have released their Izalco Max with disc brakes, balancing a light weight hill climbing frame with powerful braking.

Focus Izalco Max Disc
Focus Izalco Max Disc Dura-Ace is fast, light and has traditional clean lines.
RRP $7799     Kiwivelo price $7000

Customers often ask "why should I go to disc brakes on my road bike?" The main reason is braking power and control. In a recent article in Cycling Tips, they interview Cadel Evans (Tour De France winner and World Cup Mountain Biker) and he weighs in a gives his opinion on discs.

“..In my personal riding experience, [discs provide] fantastic performance and brake modulation. It works the same every time you pull on the lever, which allows you to brake much later going into corners and carry more speed through the apex of the corner, which then results in higher exit speeds, which results in going faster, which results in a big grin on your face. I don’t think [the objections have] anything to do with the technology or the capabilities of disc brakes. In fact, after using it, I’m quite sure it’s not.”...... 

Focus Cayo Disc Ultegra, perfect for riding all day and confidence inspiring handling.
RRP $5199     Kiwivelo Price $4650

There is no denying it, disc brakes have better control in all road conditions. In this video, we see two riders showing the difference between disc brakes and caliper brakes.

It's interesting to see the caliper brake keeping up in dry, perfect conditions, but that's where its stops. When the conditions get worse, like in the rain or the road conditions get poorer (most NZ roads...) we see the Disc Brake showing it's superiority with better control and faster stopping.  

Trek Domane 4.5 is one of the original endurance bikes, super smooth all day riding, now with the added power of discs.
RRP $4899    Kiwivelo Price $3900

So what do you think about disc brakes? Is it something you'd like on your next road bike? At Kiwivelo, we have some excellent disc brake road bikes on our sales floor but also have a great range of caliper braked bikes too. For more information or just a bit of banter about it come on down for a chat.

Norco Seach C 105 lets you choose your own adventure, combining snappy road handling with a geometry that will allow you to tackle any gravel road.

RRP $4450    Kiwivelo price $3300