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#2 2016 AG Triathlon World Champs - Brett Thomson

#2 2016 AG Triathlon World Champs Recently I competed in the Standard Distance AG World Championship in Cozumel (Mexico) and the Long Distance AG World Championship in Oklahoma (USA). I will dive into the races themselves and the awesome experience I have had. First up however, I just want to say this is a challenging report to write, I had set some clear goals which were attainable and were all about building confidence for the upcoming triathlon season. Applying a black and white lens, the ultimate output from both races to what I had envisaged, was not what I had expected. However, I am soon realising that triathlon is anything but black and white! Check out the below for detail...

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#1 Foundation - Brett Thomson

#1 Foundation To start off with, this is my first report which is exciting! And for those that do not know me, I am an amateur athlete working towards becoming an elite athlete as the ultimate goal.  First of all, it has been a tough couple of weeks with training being hampered with both road bikes being stolen however on a positive note, so many of my friends, family, and friends of friends offered to provide a bike to continue training or some other form of support to get back into training. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this support and I would also like to say a special thank you to those who shared my facebook post...

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