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#2 2016 AG Triathlon World Champs - Brett Thomson

#2 2016 AG Triathlon World Champs Recently I competed in the Standard Distance AG World Championship in Cozumel (Mexico) and the Long Distance AG World Championship in Oklahoma (USA). I will dive into the races themselves and the awesome experience I have had. First up however, I just want to say this is a challenging report to write, I had set some clear goals which were attainable and were all about building confidence for the upcoming triathlon season. Applying a black and white lens, the ultimate output from both races to what I had envisaged, was not what I had expected. However, I am soon realising that triathlon is anything but black and white! Check out the below for detail...

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Disc Road Bikes

Over the years, Disc brakes have been making their way onto road styled bikes and onto the sales floor at Kiwivelo Wellington. We have already seen them be successful on Cyclocross bikes and proving their worth on the new Adventure bike category, but we are starting to see them on Road bikes. For example, Focus have released their Izalco Max with disc brakes, balancing a light weight hill climbing frame with powerful braking. Focus Izalco Max Disc Dura-Ace is fast, light and has traditional clean lines.RRP $7799     Kiwivelo price $7000 Customers often ask "why should I go to disc brakes on my road bike?" The main reason is braking power and control. In a recent article in Cycling Tips, they...

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Madone 9.5 is here

If you have been into Kiwivelo Wellington lately you may have noticed Trek's super aero road bike the Madone, sitting (slightly on purpose) in the way as you come to the counter. It's truly stunning and needs to be seen in "bike" to appreciate its beauty and engineering.   When you stare at it, you'll think it looks fast and it's not even moving just sitting in the stand. Then you'll start to wonder how fast you could go on it. Probably beat all your mates and then clock Strava.....The first thing you'll notice is the lack of cables showing, that's because they are all internal because external cables aren't aero. Then you'll notice up by the head tube on...

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